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Is physical attraction important only?

Young people wonder if physical attraction is important only while falling in love, or even when one has to marry. To have an ideal life partner for marriage is wishful thinking. Of all the relationships the matrimonial one is the most important. It is the face that attracts a couple to each other. That is just a physical attribute. But that is not sufficient to sustain a life in togetherness. Therefore it is important for people of any faith to have a balance of mental stimulation and physical attraction before they marry each other.

Nowadays a wedding is not only a union of a bride and groom and their families. But it is an amalgamation of many qualities which include their capability to vibe mentally and physically. When one is young the physical attributes like strength, beauty are given importance. As the relationship in marriage matures, the hue of physical romance changes to more rational challenges. A couple needs to be on the same page for various issues pertaining to their lives and family and work. The romance is replaced by a life full of love. Thus a young girl often prefers to marry a groom at least five years her elder. They are able to think alike. And as they grow older, and the physical appearance changes it is the bond of love that keeps them going. The beauty of the youth is replaced by the maturity of the grey years. And this is the eternal shadi story of every couple.

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