About us

Founded in 1997 in New York, Dutchess County. A leading niche online matrimonial network, interconnecting singles globally. Shadi.com is a registered and trademarked corporation. Designed for long term relationship goal.

For over 22 years,we have helped millions of people who look for their significant other. We are leaders in our chosen niche covering North America, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Far East, India, Pakistan, Middle East and New Zealand. Our Matrimonial services are tailored to suit different religions, cultures and ethnicity. Many professionals live busy work life and find it hard to find time to meet like minded singles. Shadi.com was created to make the process relatively easy and convenient.

Our Intention

From the early stages it has been our goal to help you connect with someone of your choice. For a long lasting relationship of your dreams. Our process is a fusion of old matchmaking principles with integration of modern technology.

Our Vision

To be the No.1 in our niche and introduce new features beneficial to members. To continue to grow with a loyal and increasing customer network across the globe.

Our Mission

To help you move closer to the desired outcome with convenience. To provide a safe progressive matchmaking platform. Offer new matchmaking features to meet member expectations. Continued growth in our membership base around the world.

What keeps us going?

Your continued support and happy success stories!