Prime Plus Introduction & Matchmaking for Singles
In A Modren And Discreet Style
Welcome To PRIME PLUS Introductions & Matchmaking Services

You‘re physically attractive with good qualities. You‘ve worked hard and have a terrific career. But something‘s still missing. You want to share your life with someone special with tenderness, love, and care.
That‘s where we can help you!

  • Prime Plus is an Introduction & matchmaking service for successful singles.
  • Your personal details are not available to everyone, only to prospective matches hand picked by our matchmaker.
  • We present you carefully chosen potential partner matches once you have become a Prime Plus member.
  • We are your transitional partner who accompanies you on a journey for a lasting relationship. You can depend on us to provide selected matches with contact details. Initial introduction will be carried out by your matchmaker.
  • Your customized membership at Prime Plus is a unique concept. We offer you a discreet personalized approach in which you can initiate as well with other members.
  • We accept age groups starting from 24 to 75 years.
  • You are unknown to the outside world only to be known to a few carefully selected members by our matchmaker. Your discretion is important to us.
  • We do the search for you and introduce you to selected potential matches. While you concentrate on your work!
  • Your matchmaker will set up meetings for you.

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