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Muslims on Shadi matchmaking are from many different backgrounds and cultures. Majority are Sunni Muslims and the rest are Shia profiles. These are mostly Hindi and Urdu speaking members. They are highly educated and successful profiles of professionals and businessmen in their chosen areas of work. The concept of arranged marriages is greatly favored by Muslim families. It’s not an Islamic requirement but it’s a way for parents to choose a life partner for their daughters and sons. Muslim brides wear beautiful dress, style and colors of gowns, saris or lehenga depends on the culture and traditions of the people involved.

In Muslim weddings the signing of marriage contract is a requirement for all. Mehr is the present from the Muslim husband to his wife. It is a financial deal with the soon to be bride given before nikah. The Muslim bride can spend or keep is entirely her own decision.

Most significant is the nikah in Muslim Shadi officiated by Iman or Muslim cleric. The nikah or the marriage contract is signed by the bride and the groom in front of two witnesses. Next day the walimah is the big feast in which family and friends are invited. For arranged or love marriages join Shadi matrimonial for your success in tying the knot.


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